SecturaFab Quoting Software

Secturasoft is a software company based in Cincinnati, OH with a mission to create software solutions for the modern fabricator

The aim of their SecturaFab software is to take the quoting process in any jobshop, steel fabricators or service centers, and streamline the process.

By doing this, quoting is no longer a time consuming bottleneck in the overall production process. This allows SecturaFab users to return accurate quotes quickly, winning more business for their company, and allowing more time to focus on manufacturing.

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Process Integration

SecturaFab is NOT designed to replace your existing software solutions, rather it is designed to make the quoting process fast and accurate, and integrate seamlessly with your existing software solutions, communicating bi-directionally with each, and streamlining your process from start to finish

The quoting process – Simplified

When generating a new quote, Customer data can be populated in SecturaSoft, or pulled from an existing database or software package and consolidated.

The process is simple, just import the files sent from your customer to get started. Files can be anything from a PDF to a DXF to a full 3D model or even Assembly…SecturaFab will convert each of these files into flat patterns, conservatively nest them based on quantities requested, add each of the processes and sub processes, allow for subcontract pricing and hardware pricing to be added, and quickly generate an accurate, itemized quote for your customer.

Once generated, this can be exported as a final quote or uploaded to an MRP system, fully integrated with SecturaFab, making the once painstaking quoting process, seamless and integrated.

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