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KOCH Fabricating Machinery are proud to be the TEXAS distributor for Piranha Metal Fabrication Equipment.

Piranha equipment, also known in the past as MegaFab, Bertsch and W.A. Whitney, has combined and evolved some of the industry’s best-known brands for over a century, into the versatile company we see today.

With an outstanding line of equipment for Plate and Sheet metal manufacturers, Piranha and KOCH fabricating have you covered.

Piranha Products

Press Brakes

Piranha Press Brakes are assembled in Rockford, IL, USA. Using world class components, and larger machines having Easy Crown integrated hydraulic bed crowning, the Piranha press Brakes are the highest quality. After a 50-point quality check, the Piranha logo is added, which comes with Application and Product support based in the USA, and a company and name you can trust.


Piranha Shears feature a full hydraulic Guillotine design with standard features including Automatic Blade gap, Automatic Rake angle and Automatic stroke length.

With a Delem control, and Models from ¼” – 1” thick, and a variety of options to customize your machine available.


Our Ironworkers are what we’re best known for, along with the world’s best coper notcher!

They are Robust, easy to use, have some of the quickest tooling changes, and with a low rake angle and high power, urethane hold downs, and user friendly work plane, they produce the highest quality results.

Plasma Tables

Various Models and sizes, and both Air and HD Plasma tables, allow us to serve a wide variety of applications and budgets. Our tables are ruggedly built to last, have dual servo drives, Hypertherm Power sources, and advanced controls with preloaded common parts libraries.

Best in Class!

Combination Plasma / Punch Machines

Using a combination of Plasma, Punching and various tooling option, our combination machines can e Faster than a Laser!

The combined result is better quality than a Plasma, and with Slots, CounterSinks, Taps, Treadplate and Forms, we aim to produce a complete component…All on one machine!

Portable Presses

Versatile, portable, and a staple for plate manufacturers who need to bring the tools to the part, and not the other way around.

High Precision Fiber Lasers Up to 12kW (Plate Laser)

This is the fastest Fiber Laser in the world, with the Fastest pallet shuttle design! Using up to 75% less Nitrogen than other lasers, and with one of the most robust high power cutting heads on the market, these machines are built to last, efficient, and can handle sheet metal as well as plate.

Assembled in the USA and available at unprecedented price points.

Bending Rolls

With Plate rolls available from 5’ of 10ga. To 10’ of 2”, we can serve a wide range of customer and material applications. Available models also include 3 roll initial pinch, 3 roll double pinch and 4 roll double pinch designs.

Bertsch is an American Legacy Since 1879 and continues to live on through the Piranha brand!

CNC Fabricators

An age-old staple that some people just can’t live without.

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