Eagle Laser

Eagle Laser, based in Poland, is a pioneer in the Fiber laser industry.

Starting from the ground up, Eagle Lasers are built how a fiber laser should be built! Designed and Engineered with speed and reliability in mind, they have unique design features and technology that set them in a league of their own! This is not a CO2 laser design with a new Fiber laser laser power source, it’s a fiber laser through and through.

You really have to see it to believe it, with unrivaled acceleration, ultra fast pallet changes, and quality built into the core, this is the production machine you’ve been looking for.

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INspire 6g Fiber Lasers

With various table sizes and IPG power sources up to 20kW, there is an Eagle Laser to fit your requirements.

Available in 5’x10′, 6.5’x13′ and Larger or custom sized tables.

The Eagle Laser, sheet metal cutting machines, are build with Quality, Reliability and Precision in mind.

These important features, as well as SPEED…with composite granite bases, carbon fiber gantry’s and unique technology built into every aspect of these machines, the flagship INspire model will blow you away with the jaw dropping acceleration.


When you have a cutting table that’s as quick as the Eagle INspire, with a 9 second shuttle table change, you may want to consider how to “feed the beast”.

Eagle offers a full range of material towers with loading and unloading capability.

Material Handling

Need to move material to keep your automation or table supplied and running?

Take a look at our material handling options

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