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Covering Texas and Oklahoma, Koch Fabricating Machinery is proud to offer Dener Press Brakes.

Established in 1974, Dener has become leading manufacturer in Turkey and a renowned name in Sheet-metal Fabrication around the world.

Dener Products

Servo Electric Press Brake

Dener CNC Servo Electric Press Brakes are fully electric, flexible, reliable and advanced bending machines. These Eco-Friendly machines combine productivity, accuracy, flexibility and reliability. Efficient, low maintenance and no Hydraulic oil!

The Servo Electric Press Brakes come with advanced CNC controllers, a variety of tooling and back gauge options, and are very operator friendly.

Hydraulic Press Brake

Dener Press Brakes are manufactured with flexibility and reliability as a primary focus.
Ensuring quality through stringent manufacturing methods and the highest levels of quality control.
Dener machines are based on proven design, increasing working speeds, stroke, daylight, and pressing capacities.

Simple operation with quick and easy 3D or numerical part programming ensures easy setup of the machine, and auto calculation of the bend sequence. 3D and DXF programming are available with the ESA S 660 W Controller.

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