KFM is proud to offer Triform presses manufactured by Pryer Technology Group. Pryer Technology Group offers a new generation of sheet hydroforming presses. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in St. Louis, MO, they have developed hydroforming presses that are highly productive, compact, versatile, and most importantly, cost-efficient. In fact, Triform presses offer precision forming of a wide range of materials, with tooling cost savings of up to 90% through the elimination of mating dies.

Utilized heavily for the aerospace, lighting, automotive, and medical devices industries, Triform press machines have been engineered using the latest technology—driven by modernized design software, state-of-the-art hydraulics, and computer-driven controls. Each machine provides the user with tremendous capability in an easy-to-operate package. The resulting hydroforming presses are offered in both Fluid Cell and Deep Draw configurations for use in a wide range of industries and for specific niches.

Each Triform Press Machine that is manufactured continues to evolve and improve with each new line. Now offering more than 10 different models, with additional presses in development, specific hydroforming needs of manufacturers can be met.

KFM offers the following lines:


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