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Prima Power



Prima Power is a laser and sheet metal machine manufacturer offering an extensive product line of laser, welding, drilling, punching, shearing, bending and automation machinery. Prima Power manufacturers these machines to take a product from start to finish. KFM is proud to offer a wide array of innovative Prima Power machines allowing for special niche customers to meet the growing demands of their clients.

Dalcos produces state of the art CNC punching and shearing equipment. Using coil fed, CNC punches, these machines are able to close the gap between turret presses and stamping presses. Sold to manufacturers who have the need for controlled automation and specialized punching features, KFM offers a variety of Dalcos machines that are applicable for a number of industries and projects. 

KFM is proud to offer inspection equipment for the sheet metal industry. Utilizing outstanding quality control features, InspecVision develops state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind inspection technology used to inspect metal and non-metal parts, objects and structures that need to hold close tolerances. Each piece of equipment developed by InspecVision is unique and can run simultaneously next to other pieces of equipment. 

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AM Machinery

KFM is proud to offer Triform presses manufactured by Pryer Technology Group. The hydroforming press technology offered by KFM are highly productive, compact, versatile, and most importantly, cost-efficient. Each machine produced is driven by modernized design software, state-of-the-art hydraulics, and computer-driven controls. KFM offers a variety of fluid cell press and deep draw press machines. 

Davi manufactures quality plate and section bending machines incorporating the highest grade of materials for every machine. DAVI technology reflects the trend in all AVI products towards user-friendly, programmable solutions to assist manufacturers with highly productive, reliable, and competitive products. KFM currently offers 3-roll bending machines, 4-roll bending machines, profile bending machines and folding machines from Davi.

KFM is proud to offer products that take the manufacturing process from start to finish. We offer a variety of highly innovative technologies from AM Machinery. AM Machinery produces meticulous metal finishing technology consisting of duburring, belt grinding, polishing, buffing and micro-finishing machines. Steelmaster, NS, Autopullit, KBM and Loewer, are the brands we offer from AM Machinery.


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Lillbacka USA


Fab-Line Machinery is a manufacturer of press brake and shearing equipment with over 60 years experience in the design and manufacturing of outstanding fabricating technology. KFM offers hydraulic press brake equipment, hydraulic shears and mechanical shears by Fab-Line. The quality machinery, parts and service, offered by Fab-Line and sold through KFM is available at a turn-key and affordable price.

Lillbacka is a global leader in the manufacturing of versatile, cutting edge, hydraulic hose crimping and cutting machines. Each year Lillbacka manufactures thousands of portable, bench top and production model crimping machines, as well as hose cutting and nut crimping machines. KFM is proud to offer service line and production line machines, serial production and heavy-duty production machines. 



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