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Working with our Partners, MMT International, KOCH Fabricating Machinery is proud to represent the world leaders in Coil Fed Punching and Fiber Laser systems.

Since 1988, Dalcos have been producing coil fed punching and laser machines, constantly evolving and innovating to ensure they stay strides ahead of the industry.

In many cases, Coil Fed processing simply makes sense. With the flexibility of our CNC punching machine, increased with the versatility and speed of our fiber laser system, Dalcos machines can revolutionize the way your company works!

Dalcos Products

Coil Fed Fiber Laser machines LXN

Combining the efficiency, versatility and speed of coil fed production, with Fiber Laser technology simply makes sense for a great many applications. Dalcos leads the way with Coil Fed Fiber Laser production, combining these technologies with their patented Vision system we can cut and reposition, compensating for position and ensuring quality parts of any length, every time! With 40” and 60” lines, unload options available, and IPG laser sources up to 4kW, we can find the right machine for your application and show you how Coil fed production can make you more efficient and more profitable. We can also stop the coil and any time and load a sheet, for even more flexibility.

Coil Fed Punching Machines EXN

EXN punching machines combine energy efficiency, more efficient production, speed and flexibility. When running from coil, we can achieve 100% material utilization, and with continuous processing we can achieve faster production than traditional systems and capabilities only available to coil processing.

Coil Fed combination Punch Laser Machines ELXN

Need the versatility of Fiber Laser and the capabilities of punching combined? The ELXN combination machine combines an LXN and an EXN in the same line, processing geometry simultaneously, thereby doubling efficiency and allowing even more capability from your coil fed line.

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