Dalcos is a manufacturer out of Castelfranco, Italy that has produced top of the line coil fed, CNC punching/shearing equipment for more than twenty years. A coil fed, CNC punch closes the gap between turret presses and stamping presses. The CNC technology incorporated into each Dalcos machine allows for controlled automation and specialized punching features for medium and thin strips, feeders for thin strips, perforation lines and NC feeders. Dalcos machines combine standard, thick turret tool stations (from 5 to 25 or more) with integrated press stations (where applicable) and a cut off shear. These systems start at 12” wide with models up to 60” wide. Koch Fabricating Machinery is proud to offer a variety of models for our clients.

The technology offered by Dalcos punching and feeder machines are used for a variety of applications for a number of industries, including:

Steel carpentry and stainless steel applications
Door frames, light fixtures and ventilation
Panels for lighting, computers
Panels and shelves for metal furniture
Punched and notched panels
Structural sections
Bent accessories
Sheet metal work

We are proud to offer the following Dalcos products:


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