About Our Company

KFM has been providing quality metal fabricating and metal forming machinery and technologies since the company was founded in 1966.  It was our mission then, and continues to be, to build long-term customer relationships with our manufacturing clients by providing outstanding consultation services that allow us to properly place our highly technical products and establish a partnership of after-sales support and continuing improvement. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to continue our employees education in new technologies and selecting vendors with the best reputations for new product development, application and support.


Mark Koch, President, Southern Division, Koch Fabricating Machinery


Jeff Fisher, Vice-President, Northern Division, KF Machinery



Company History

Koch Machinery Co. was founded by Jack Koch in 1966. In 1999 Koch Machinery Co. became Koch Fabricating Machinery (based in Dallas, TX) to support the growing portion of fabricating equipment sales within the company. Mark Koch is the President of Koch Fabricating Machinery and oversees the operations of the company.

In 2009, because of a high demand in the northern midwestern states and an excellent oportunty to grow there, KF Machinery (based in Lakeville, MN) was created to handle all requests in the north and Midwest sections of the U.S. Jeff Fisher is the Vice-President of KF Machinery and oversees the operations of the company

While mutually exclusive, together, Koch Fabricating Machinery and KF Machinery work as partners to provide the best solutions for manufacturers in specified states. These states include:

Koch Fabricating Machinery: Texas and Oklahoma
KF Machinery: Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Western Wisconsin and Western Iowa

Who We Service

Koch Fabricating Machinery and KF Machinery offer full-service,

precision sheet metal manufacturing and forming equipment 

to manufacturers in a variety of industries, including:

Precision sheet metal
Metal fabricating
Plate fabricators
Vessel manufacturers

Our Trusted Suppliers

We offer a variety of metal fabricating machines and systems thatrepresent the very best in technology, quality and performance forthe metal forming and fabricating industry. Because our quality controlstandards are high, we select only the highest quality and mostreputableand experienced suppliers.Our goal is always to deliver what we promise.  Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. Below is a list of the suppliers we currently represent.

Prima Power (formerly Prima and Finn Power)
AM Machinery


Lillbacka USA 


Southern Division

Koch Fabricating Machinery Co.

3772 Arapaho Road

Addison, TX 75001-4311

Phone: 972-241-0790

Fax: 972-241-0799

Northern Division

KF Machinery

P.O. Box 149

Lakeview, MN, 55044

Phone: 651-491-7566